Sra. Jerima King

Jerima King, owner of El Rey Enterprises, is an experienced instructor, interpreter and translator. Sra. King has been teaching Spanish to English speakers since January 2000, from students as young as 3 years old to persons over 80 years young. She has worked as an interpreter for Spanish speakers at the Colorado Springs Municipal Court, Colorado’s School for the Deaf and Blind and has worked in medical offices, hospitals, legal offices and the Colorado Springs Police Station. She also traveled with church groups to Panama, where she helped to communicate with Spanish speaking members of the Wounaan tribe, as well as working with Catholic Charities in Texas to help in the processing of immigrants crossing the Mexican/U.S. border.  Sra. King has done translations for Girls Scouts, Imagination Celebration, Pipeline Association for Public Awareness and a commercial travel agency website.

Jerima also instructs Spanish to students in both private and group settings. 

Contact Jerima King for rates whether it be interpreting, translations, or teaching.